Kyivstoner Rap Artist Kyivstoner is a Ukrainian video blogger, film actor, rapper, former member of the Griby music project.
Daria Astafieva Model, singer, actress and TV host Daria Astafieva is a Ukrainian singer, model, actress, TV host, and Playboy's 55th-anniversary Playmate.
Zeus Cybersports player Daniil Teslenko is a Ukrainian cybersports player in Counter-Strike, known under the alias"Zeus". He is a four-time world champion in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Zeus is the former captain of the Natus Vincere team, as well as the founder and director of the pro100 esports organization.
Alexey Durnev Showman and host A Ukrainian TV host, producer, and showman. Aleksey is the creator of the popular YouTube channel with shows like "Durnev Watches Stories" and others.
Sergey Kostetsky Choreographer A Ukrainian choreographer, vocalist, and showman. Sergey is the winner of the TV project "Dancing with the Stars" 2nd season alongside Lilia Podkopayeva, and the winner of the TV project "Dancing for You".
Anatoly Pochechun Stand-Up comic The young comedian was born in Sumy on January 20, 1998. Felix Radish is the real name of the stand-up artist. He widely presented his sense of humor on the popular show "Make a Comedian Laugh". Ever since childhood, Felix was drawn to comedy. He studied at the Sumy school number 9 where he began to actively participate in creative activities related to stand-up comedy.
Pianoboy Musician A Ukrainian musician best known for his alias Pianoboy. Dmitry Shurov is the music author for the theatrical shows "Cinderella" at the Sovremennik Theater, the 3D show "Vartovi Mriy", as well as for many films, including "Polina", "Hottabych", "The Mysterious Island", and others. In 2015, Dmitry wrote the title song for "The Servant of the People" series by the Kvartal 95 studio. The iconic "Rodyna" song is the title song in the "Do Not Renounce" TV series and in the documentary "Children of Victory". For his song with Jamala and Andrey Khlyvnyuk, Dmitriy received the YUNA prize in 2016, and in 2017 he received the same prize as Pianoboy for the song "Na Vershinі".
Nikita Alekseev Singer ALEKSEEV is a Ukrainian singer. He is the semi-finalist of the Ukrainian project "The Voice". Nikita represented Belarus at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with his song "Forever".
Garik Bircha Actor A Ukrainian film actor, author of popular entertainment and humorous TV programs, member of the Ukrainian TV project "Comedy Club Ukraine", a member of the Higher Ukrainian KVN League and the Higher KVN League in Moscow.
Vlad Ivanenko Playboy UA editor-in-chief Vlad was born in St. Petersburg and later moved to Kyiv at a young age. At 23 he became the youngest editor-in-chief of a magazine in Ukraine called "Relax". Vlad believes that gloss journalism is about describing what a beautiful life is to those who don't have the opportunity to encounter "Brioni", "Ferrari" and beautiful female breasts.
"TamerlanAlena" Musicians Their first single was a major hit and the duet shot their first music video in the USA after receiving an invitation from Universal music. They later filmed their second video in the States and recorded a number of songs together with famous artists of the American RnB scene.
"KAZKA" Music band A Ukrainian pop music band. Since its origin in 2017, vocalist Oleksandra Zaritskaya, flute player Dmitry Mazuryak and multi-instrumentalist Nikita Budash became a “Ukrainian sensation”, “phenomenon”, and “Breakthrough of the Year” according to the M1 Music Awards. They were the first Ukrainian-language band to be included in SHAZAM's world chart and are a record holder among Ukrainian artists on YouTube.
Misha Krupin Music Artist A Ukrainian musician, songwriter, composer, businessman, philanthropist, and frontman of the "Коррупция" band.
Garik Korogodsky Businessman Garik Korogodsky is a Ukrainian businessman, writer, blogger, philanthropist, co-founder of the "Happyold" charity foundation. He is the co-owner of the shopping and entertainment center "Dream Town", general director of the company "Vita Veritas" and owns a shop of niche products "Gara".
Anatoly Anatolich YouTube host Ukrainian radio host, showman, journalist, TV presenter. Creator and host of the "Ze Interviewer" YouTube channel.
Eugene Katchalov Professional Poker Player Eugene Katchalov is a professional poker player and official representative of Pokermatch in Ukraine.
Sonya Plakidyuk Photographer and TV personality Sonya Plakidyuk is a professional photographer and expert on the reality TV show "Ukraine's Next Top Model".
Potap Producer and singer Oleksiy Potapenko, better known as Potap, is a Ukrainian producer, author, and performer of songs, director, screenwriter, composer, TV presenter, master of sports in water polo, Honored Artist of Ukraine, host of the 1+1 vocal show “The Voice”, and the founder of the music producer center MOZGI Entertainment.
Andrey Bednyakov Actor and TV presenter Andrey Bednyakov is a Ukrainian actor and TV presenter, best known as the host of the travel show "Oryol i Reshka" and the vocal talent show "X-Factor".
Olya Polyakova Singer Olya Polyakova is a Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and actress.
Positiff Singer Alexey Zavgorodniy, better known under the alias Positiff, is a Ukrainian singer and composer, songwriter, music producer, and actor. He is a member of the MOZGI band created by the MOZGI Entertainment center.
CAZE Music artist Ruslan, aka Caze, is a fresh and prominent music artist on the Ukrainian music scene. CAZE is a member of the U_C music band and has often partnered with MOZGI Entertainment.
Vladimir Ostapchuk Actor and TV host Vladimir Ostapchuk is a Ukrainian actor, TV presenter, radio host, stand-up comedian. He hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, the show "Mask" and "All Together Now Ukraine!" on the "Ukraine" TV channel.
Vadim Perelman Film Director Vadim Perelman is known for his films "House of Sand and Fog", "Persian Lessons" and the TV series "Ashes". The director's debut film was nominated for an Academy Award. Vadim was born in Kyiv in the family of the chief engineer of the Kanevskaya power plant Valeriy Perelman and his wife Zhanna Rakhvalskaya. Till the age of nine he lived in a communal apartment on Horkoho Street. His father passed away early in life - he died in a car accident in 1972. In 1977 he emigrated to Canada with his mother through Italy. Vadim studied at the University of Alberta and Ryerson University's Film School in Toronto.
Andrey Trushkovsky Businessman Andrey Trushkovsky - an infamous blogger, business coach, influencer, and founder of the YouTube channel “Trushkovsky's Syndrome”. Andrey was born and raised in Kyiv. He studied in a regular school, he was fond of folk dances, drawing, and boxing. He enrolled in the National University of Food Technologies to the Faculty of Computer Systems Automation, received a bachelor's degree, then studied for a master's degree, however, he did not receive his diploma.
Vladimir Petrov Producer and Host Vladimir Petrov became famous thanks to his LiveJournal blog, which he had been running since the 2000s under the alias Lumpen. In 2010, Vladimir Petrov registered the B&D Information Agency. TV presenter Aleksey Durnev became its chief editor, his show"Durnev +1" was aired on the Ukrainian entertainment TV channel TET and on Petrov's YouTube channel - Lumpen production. In 2011, Vladimir Petrov's company Lumpen production bought 50% of the online tabloid Since then the outlet became more popular, and its creator Tatyana Mikitenko continued to cooperate with Petrov. He is also the founder of the Iceland TV channel, presidential candidate of Ukraine, and political strategist.
Aleksandr Gnatenko Co-founder of DOUBLE TOP Formerly a well-known Ukrainian poker player who is now the co-founder of Double Top and the #1 crypto in influencer in countries of CIS according to Binance.
Andriy Karpyuk Serial entrepreneur, owner of Stylus online store Andriy Karpyuk is the founder of the True Office co-working space, the online store, CustomPrint, and the BUHTA food station. Andrey is one of the most positive entrepreneurs in Ukraine. On his Instagram blog, he shares notes about business, goals, hosts live broadcasts with successful business owners, as well as live broadcasts on the topic of man/woman relationships.