Anniversary Edition: Behind the Scenes, Celebrity Guests, and Facts About the Show | Gagarin Show #50

season: 5 date: 05 January

We present the anniversary episode of "Gagarin Show"! In the New Year's special, our hosts sum up a rollercoaster of a year and look back at the most memorable events of the past year. In 2021, the show welcomed such iconic guests as Alexey Durnev, Potap, Vadim Perelman, Dasha Astafieva (as a co-host), Olya Polyakova, and many others.

You will uncover what actually happened to the Trader's Hut project, how Gagarin Show was born, and whether Vova and Gleb will continue filming the series "Cryptomunalka". We would also like to remind you that the fifth season of the cryptocurrency show is led by Vladimir Nosov, Gleb Ushakov, and guest host Vladimir Ostapchuk. In this episode, the hosts will exchange celebratory gifts, share the craziest stories, look back at the old studio and give you a glimpse of the show's life backstage.