What is the Metaworld and can it replace real life | Crypt for Dummies #13

season: 1 date: 01 October

We continue releasing previously filmed shows for you! This time Vladimir Nosov and Gleb Ushakov will dive into the world of the Matrix, choose a blue or red pill and answer interesting questions about the Metavsediverse!

In the thirteenth episode the presenters will tell what the Metaverse is and if the Metaworld can replace real life, they will reveal the secret about who will really control people in VR, explain how it concerns the cryptocurrency and who will really get rich on the Metaverse. They will recall the U.S. investigation against the owner of Binance, and determine who is the bull and who is the bear. They will tell the truth about who is really the creator of Bitcoin and share some news about WhiteBIT, its meta-universe and its office in Istanbul. Also, Vova and Gleb will congratulate the team's previous birthday celebrities. The issue turned out very cool, so watch till the end, like and subscribe to the channel! The issue was filmed on February 17, 2022.