What do Balenciaga, the battle turtle, Boris Johnson, and $900,000 have in common | EarNose #1

season: 2 date: 14 September

After a big break the show "VuhoNos" returns in a new format in Ukrainian!

In the first Ukrainian-language issue Gleb and Vova will tell about WhiteBIT during the war, how Sergey Pritula raised a record 900000 (nine hundred thousand) dollars by selling the Eurovision winners Kalush (Kalush), about their partnership with the famous club Trabzonspor (Trabzonspor) at a charity auction, about the collaboration with the world famous brand Balenciaga, and in the rubric "funny news about politics" the hosts will tell you how a big turtle bit a Russian tourist in Antalya, and a journalist booked a hotel room in Yalta, Crimea. Yalta, Crimea, in the name of Valery Zaluzhny, how Boris Johnson (Johnsonuk) received a card from "Ukrzaliznytsia" and much more!