Andriy Karpyuk: spontaneous business and DDoS attacks of happiness | Gagarin Show #52

guest: Andriy Karpyuk season: 6 date: 26 September

We know how you've been waiting for the new episodes. That's why we come back with the previously filmed shows, because we just couldn't show it to you! In the new video Vova Nosov and Gleb Ushakov are the guests of a serial entrepreneur, owner of an online store Stylus, Andrey Karpyuk!

In the 52nd issue of the Gagarin Show Vladimir Nosov will try to guess if a jeep and a saber are on sale at Stylus, will tell about the European exchange WhiteBIT's collaboration with mobile operator Lifecell, and about a secret incident at the exchange's corporate party. The participant and the hosts of the show will also guess who won the Eurovision Song Contest, when Vladimir Ostapchuk was the host. How was the Black Friday at Stylus and why did Andriy Karpyuk beat up the client? And they will also break down interesting facts such as the Adidas and Coinbase collaboration, why miners are leaving Kazakhstan, Binance and GameFi and about Kozlovsky's (Vitaly Kozlovsky) and the band "Hands Up" own NFT collections.