Alexander Gnatenko: poker, Satoshi Nakamoto and the metaverse | Gagarin Show #51

guest: Aleksandr Gnatenko season: 5 date: 27 January

Alexander Gnatenko joined the 51st episode of Gagarin Show. Alexander is the co-founder of DOUBLE TOP and an ex-professional poker player. Alexander Gnatenko will talk about his experience as a professional poker player and how it led to his journey in crypto. Alexander will also share some stories about scammers and will be given the show's latest merch.

Buckle up for a heated discussion between Mr.Gnatenko and Mr. Nosov about business, an analysis of Alexander's interview for the Running Banker, and, of course, the latest news from the world of crypto: taxes on digital assets in South Korea, why Craig Wright thinks he is Satoshi, how much did Snoop Dogg earn from selling his land in the metaverse and much more!